February 2021 Hydroseeding News

Evaluating the rehabilitation of an old mine waste rock pile

The Cabeza de los Gatos waste rock pile, left from mining activities in the town of Tharsis (Huelva), underwent a rehabilitation process consisting of remodelling the slope of the pile, applying liming materials and then a layer of soil. Finally, trees and shrubs typical of the area were planted and a hydroseeding with a mixture of shrub and herbaceous seeds was applied.

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How these clubs remained open despite huge course renovation projects

Two huge course redevelopment projects in the UK in recent years have been at Whittington Heath, which was reconfigured and extended due to the HS2 project, and at Moor Hall, which renovated all its bunkers in one go. In both cases the main contractor was John Greasley Ltd, which details here what was done and how the playing of golf continued during the works. The bulk of the sandy subsoil mitigation areas separating the five new holes are being hydroseeded.

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Hydroseeding Motivation


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Doosan Bobcat Signs Multi-Year Agreement with Synchrony

Doosan Bobcat North American hydroseeder maker has announced a multi-year agreement with Synchrony, a consumer financial services company.

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