Hydroseeding AMA – Five Questions | True or False

Here we take a look at some of the most asked hydroseeding questions from clients researching its effectiveness.

Hydroseeding is more cost-effective than sod?


Sod is mature lawn grass that’s harvested on a farm and planted in a new location and offers immediate results with a finished lush look. However this ready made product is very expensive.

When hydroseeding is applied it can take over a month for the lawn to come in (depending on the elements and weather).

However, if you have the patience and you are willing to nurse a hydroseeded lawn, this is far more cost effective!

Hydroseeding is best suited to smaller intricate areas?


Hydroseeding is used for large areas, slopes, and erosion control as it is easy to apply and saves time and money. Most hydroseeding machinery can cover up to 3,500 square feet or more.

It takes a lot of water to maintain a hydroseed lawn?


In the early stages, the seedbed of a hydroseeded lawn must be kept moist and requires some TLC labour. However, by week five, the grass will need the usual amount of water.

Hydroseeding is a new technology, and it’s longevity is untested?


Hydroseeding was first used in the USA in the 1940s. So the process has been around for 80 years! Maurice Mandell from the Connecticut Highway Department discovered that by mixing seed and water together, the resulting mulch could be spread and sprayed over the steep and otherwise inaccessible slopes of the Connecticut expressways. (Source Oliver Brown)

It can be hard to know where the seeds have been planted when using Hydroseeding?


The mulch used for hydroseeding contains a distinctive dye, meaning that the spreader knows immediately which areas are covered by the slurry mixture, and which aren’t – ensuring 100% coverage.

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