Hydroseeding Latest News December 2019

Apex releases new line of hydroseeding and environmental spray applicators

Apex by Fecon introduced its lineup of hydroseeding and environmental spray applicators for off-road environments.

Designed for applications such as golf course seeding, the applicators provide the durability needed for remote applications, including rubber track mounted options, units fitted with oversized floatation tires or tracks and other options to simplify remote, off-road projects. Read More


Hydroseeding contaminates water supply to Fire Hydrants

There are 7,500 public fire hydrants in the city of Spokane. But as residents of Hillyard learned last year, it only takes the misuse of one to contaminate an entire neighborhood’s water supply. Hydroseeding shot green and fibrous hydroseeding materials into some Hillyard residents’ water. Read More



LandSpec aquire new 750 Truck



Man arrested after locking himself to hydroseeding helicopter to protest pipeline project

A man has been arrested after locking himself to a Mountain Valley Pipeline helicopter.

The group ‘Appalachians Against Pipelines’ said it prevented the helicopter from being used. They also put up a banner that reads “DOOM TO THE PIPELINE”

The agency put MVP Southgate’s application on hold on Sept. 23, stating that additional information was required and that a public hearing must be held before Dec. 22.


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