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OWLA: Ongoing efforts for a cleaner Owasco Lake

Over just the last two years, the district has sprayed over 20 miles of scraped roadside ditches with green “hydroseed,” allowing new grass to hold back erosion. In steep areas where hydroseeding is not practical, large quantities of rock are installed. Reducing the scouring effect from roadside ditches is very important since research estimates they contribute 22% of the sediment entering Owasco Lake. Read More


Oroville Dam hillsides will turn green due to hydroseeding

OROVILLE — Hillside areas near Oroville Dam’s reconstructed main spillway will begin appearing bright green.

The change in color will be due to the use of a hydroseed mix that will help reestablish a root structure into the soil and increase site stabilization, according to a newsletter from the Department of Water Resources. Read More


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Hydroseeding wildflowers Ecofibre Systeem.



The team chose to hydraulically apply ProGanics Biotic Soil Media across the site at 4,000 pounds per acre using hydroseeders to provide the organic matter and biological components needed to establish the vegetation the site required. Read more.

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