Hydroseeding Latest News June 2020

Hydroseeding by Oliver Brown acquire impressive new rig.

Boone County Trail gets Hydroseeding

Improvements to the Boone County Trail were completed late last week when employees of Green Turf LLC prepared and hydroseeded the trailsides with native grasses.

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FINN reveals new equipment, including updated HydroSeeder

Image courtesy of trailer-bodybuilders.com

Wow, what a beast!!

The “revolutionary” Titan HydroSeeder has a processing system that includes shredding paddles contained within the tank, a water curtain that mitigates airborne mulch during the mixing process, and helical agitators that reduce vibration and eliminate dead zones while mixing. This new system provides up to a 42% faster load time, allowing operators to be more efficient.

How To Get A Green Lawn In Texas: Sod Vs. Seed

patch.com have outlined everything you need to know about seeding or sodding your lawn this spring in extremely hot climates such as Texas.

Includes the pro’s and con’s of seed and sod. Read more here.

Crews hydroseeding along the Highway 395 Widening Project

he San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) is progressing to the last phase of construction for the US 395 – Phase 1 Widening Project.

This includes Hydroseeding (spraying mix of seed and mulch as an erosion control technique) through the corridor.

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