Hydroseeding Latest News May 2020

Restoration of mangroves in Cape Coral still hasn’t begun.

A bank reshaping and berm building will be taking place. Following this work hydroseeding and mangrove planting will occur,” said the city but could not confirm a start date.

SCC will put in erosion control measures and hydroseed the site

Watterson Excavating will be working in late May to demolish the structure on site. Between May and September, the Seattle Conservation Corps will put in erosion control measures and hydroseed the site. The property was purchased with community support and funding provided by the Seattle Park District. Read more. 

FINN products used to help fight coronavirus


FAIRFIELD, Ohio – FINN, a manufacturer and seller of erosion control and landscape equipment, recently announced that its HydroSeeder products, typically used to broadly disperse seed and fertilizer, are being leveraged to assist in disinfecting public spaces, including playground equipment, parks, benches and more.

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Hydromulching being completed at Barrington Bridge, Thunderbolts Way this week.


This morning 19 May the @CPCCivils returned to hydroseed the Dogpool flood plain meadow-woodland on

On a final note, you are never to old for Hydroseeding. Jon Clark still hydroseeding in his 70’s

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