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Selecting the right hydroseeding machinery is less about the brand and more about what machine is right for your needs. The main differences that need to be explored when purchasing a hydroseeder are in each component that makes up the machine: the tank, the agitation system, the pumping system, the dispersal system, and the power system.

Components have different options, today we look at the different types of Hydroseeding pumps and the common problems.

Centrifugal and Gear Pumps

Mechanically agitated units can use either a centrifugal or gear pump.

Most Bowies use a gear pump.  Most Finn’s use a centrifugal pump.

While on the surface it may seem that gear pumps are better than centrifugal pumps, that assumption is incorrect. It comes down to the size of the hydromulcher and the way it is used.

Centrifugal pumps are better for spraying at long distances.


Centrifugal Pump


Gear pumps can sometimes handle a little thicker slurry and will pump through longer lengths of hose than centrifugal pumps.

Gear Pump


More Pump Information. 

Centrifugal pumps use a special vortex pump propeller that spins and creates a vortex that sucks materials in and sprays them out which reduces the potential of air cavitation and clogging. This gives you the benefits of spraying a lot further which is the biggest advantage on the larger models

Interestingly Turfmaker and Kincade use a gear pump. Gear pumps have a stack of gaskets in the outside cover. Over time pressure will drop and it is necessary to remove one or two gaskets. When there are no more gaskets to remove the pump must be rebuilt. Therefor a Gear pump does require more maintenance.

Most Common pump issues.

  • Water that starts leaking between the pump and engine usually caused by the pump running dry and destroying the seal.
  • Cracked housing caused by freezing weather.
  • Cracked outlet or inlet flange on larger units.

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