Hydroseeding October News

Hydroseeding innovations can be part of India and Bangladesh’s flood defences.

New technological and nature-based innovations are being developed and introduced in the face of worsening climate change-driven floods. In Assam’s hilly regions, the annual deluge of rainfall triggers landslides. Hydroseeding is a technology that can be used to mitigate such disasters. Read more.

Tbilisi’s Chugureti District to have new public park

Carried out by the City Hall’s Environmental Protection Service, the 1.2 million ($445,270) project also covers the planting of various types of green plants and setting up of a green lawn with the hydroseeding method. Read more. 


CE also upcycles some materials into higher-use products, which have been used in laboratory and hydro-seeding applications. CE is currently involved in research and development with a major appliance manufacturer to use its products in certain components of the manufacturer’s products. CE plans to establish a 100,000-square-foot production facility in Fairfax that will better position the company to reach new and existing customers throughout the region. Read more. 

Massillon levee main work to finish in December; final inspection set for June 2023

“If the hydro-seeding hasn’t taken hold (by next spring), it can erode if people traverse the area,” she said. “So we want to ensure all risk is brought down for (public) safety.” Read more.


Hydro App Bring in New Fleet of Hydroseeders for Hire

The Hydro App hire fleet includes the Finn T30 (1,268 Litre), T60 (2,270 Litre), and T170 (5,678 Litres), offering clients a range in capacity for projects of all scales. Read more. 


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