Hydroseeding vs Turf – The differences, pros and cons.

Hydroseeding (or hydraulic mulch seeding) is a grass planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. The slurry is then sprayed over prepared ground using a tank, pump and hose.

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Turf is pre-prepared grass and soil held together by its roots or another piece of thin material. Turf is typically used for lawns, golf courses, and sports stadiums around the world.


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There are pros and cons to both hydroseeding and laying turf. Turf is often the cost-effective choice for small lawns because hydroseeding machines do mean you will incur a larger setup cost. However, you are limited to grass type and risk disease when using turf.

Large commercial areas will see financial benefits by choosing to hydroseed rather than laying turf. If properly cared for with watering, hydroseeded areas will be as successful as a turf for a fraction of the cost.

Turf Lawns: If you are looking for immediate results on a small lawn you may consider laying turf.  Laying turf will require the lawn to be stripped to bare soil, as you will not want to lay turf over any existing grassland, plants or weeds. The most common misconception about turf is that people expect it can be grown anywhere; they expect instant success in any soil condition with little or no preparation. Before laying the turf you need to be sure the soil you laying it on is ready. You will then often need at least two weeks of intensive watering and general maintenance.

Hydroseeding: is a much more cost-effective way of installing a lawn and has less labour involved for large areas. Once the hydroseeding machine is set up, it takes very little additional effort to spray lawn over a larger area than a small one. Contrast that with the high material and labour cost to install turf, and hydroseeding is the clear choice for larger projects.

If you are also working on an area with hillsides, banks and other areas that are difficult to access? Laying turf will be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous, while grass seeds will be exposed and may grow unevenly. Such a project is easy for a specialist hydroseed contractor. Mulch, seed and fertilizer are evenly distributed in the sprayed material.  It is fast, simple and getting excellent results on treacherous areas is easy.


If you are laying a small lawn area using turf, make sure you have experience and understanding with preparing soil and choose the right blade of grass for the season.

If you are working with larger commercial areas, with problematic terrains – hydroseeding would appear to be the correct choice for you. If you have any questions about the above and would like to know more, please go to the contact form by clicking here.

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