Hydroseeding – When to use it and why.

How hydroseeding can be used most effectively for your project.

Planning large-scale projects that involve hydroseeding can be difficult. Customers are often unsure which techniques and applications are most suitable for their project, often because each project might require specialist, site-specific planning.

Using state of the art equipment, materials and a wealth of technical knowledge, market leading hydroseed specialists can help you every step of the way.

Erosion Control in the Construction, Road and Rail Industry

Due to the number of options available, selecting an erosion control solution can sometimes seem daunting. Often areas will need a considerable amount of work to prepare a suitable seedbed. Other times such areas will require erosion control blankets or turfing. If this is needed on sloping or inaccessible areas such as railway and motorway embankments, hydroseeding is the answer.

A professional hydroseeding contractor will use specialist solutions to create an erosion control blanket, effectively ‘locking down’ the soils. This allows the seed to germinate in the mulch and has an exceptionally high success rate.


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Customers typically see a 96% reduction in soil loss compared to traditional erosion control mats. Depending on the fibre product used, the textile blanket can remain in place for up to 24 months. In this time, the seeding becomes strongly established. Once this happens, the fibres break down organically.


Habitat Creation and Ecological Projects

In terms of ecological work and the creation of habitats, hydroseeding has a distinct number of advantages over conventional planting. The most obvious is that hydroseeding produces excellent coverage very quickly and over a large area and with minimal disruption. Whereas a conventionally seeded site might take up to a year to establish, hydroseeded vegetation can develop within the same season. This helps to reduce delays on a site and will help to speed up the development of your project.


Riparian Works with Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding has an excellent success rate when used to re-establish vegetation on waterways. This is useful where areas have been cleared of invasive species and new areas of growth need to be established quickly. The often hazardous slopes and inaccessible sections are easily seeded by hydroseeding technqiues.

Landscaping using Hydroseeding

Even on smaller projects, our customers need results to show quickly. Conventional seeding or turfing is still very effective, however, these methods often take a long time to look good and come to full maturity. Moreover, unless they are planted at times when the right temperature and irrigation can be managed, they can be hard to look after. Hydroseeding produces quick results and requires less input in the early stages. This is because of the ability to add various products and nutrients to the slurry mix. This means that no matter what the size of your site or project, beautiful landscaping can be achieved quickly and successfully.


Overall, a vast number of projects across various industries can benefit from hydroseeding in 2021 and moving forward. Hydroseeding equipment ranges from large agricultural machines through to compact lightweight solutions, ideal for projects with difficult access and embankments. Contractors can offer any combination of conventional seeding and hydroseeding, as well as expertise and equipment, to enable the completion of even the most complex projects – all on time and on budget.

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