July 2021 Hydroseeding News


Hydroseeding limits soil erosion and increases habitat for endangered species in Canada highway construction. Read More.


The demolition debris was hauled away from the site. A crew returned Thursday to hydroseed the now-vacant lot. Read More

The Evolution of Hydroseeding Equipment

Siteworx Global has pulled together a team of hydroseeding experts to re-engineer a product that gives contractors more versatility and peace of mind. Read More

Rotary bike-path project nearing completion

The project at the intersection of the Old South Road and Milestone Road bike paths, just off the Milestone Rotary, cleared a former dense thicket of thorny scrub brush for a planned grassy area with picnic tables and bike racks. The former 90-degree-angle bike-path intersection now has a wider turn, which Department of Public Works director Rob McNeil believes will be safer for cyclists and walkers.

The only work left is to install a split-rail fence and irrigation system on the quarter-acre town property, and hydroseed grass along the bike path, McNeil said. Read More. 

NDOT awards $8.7 million U.S. Highway 93 improvement project in Lincoln County

Other upgrades entail 2.6 acres of hydroseeding, plus guardrail and drainage improvements, along with Intelligent Transportation Systems and new signage, including a new flashing warning sign, “Road May Be Icy,” activated at Mile Marker 96 during poor weather conditions. Read More


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