March 2021 Hydroseeding News


The Rose Erosion Control Services team was contracted to assist with more than 20 miles of twinned Highway 407 just east of Toronto, Canada. Their central role was the installation of 4.5 million square meters (more than 1,100 acres) of hydromulch in rough terrain Read More 


A recent San Diego Rail Corridor project. Once construction of the railway was completed, the site needed to be revegetated to receive a Notice of Termination (NOT). To keep the project on schedule, the contractors chose to hydroseed the area with ProGanics Biotic Soil Media. Read More

All clear for takeoffs; airport director expects vegetation to grow back quickly

A large swath of trees recently removed near Williamsport Regional Airport to make it safe for pilots landing and departing left the land a stark contrast for those accustomed to the canopy of leafy cover.

The landscape should recover and revegetate, Howell said.

It was seeded with a special mulch that includes grass seed and adhesive to keep it from washing away in the rain, he said.

Known as hydroseeding, it is a method of spraying grass seed using an adhesive meant to prevent soil erosion and revegetate the land was done, Howell said. Read More





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