Blended Mulch

Mulch is an essential part of the hydroseeding process and is used for projects across a variety of industries. Mulching aids the soil’s moisture retention, enhancing the establishment of the seedlings by reducing the water evaporation. At Hydroseeding UK we use Blended Mulch. This is made up of 70% Wood Fibre, blended with 30% Clean Recycled Paper. Blended mulches are the most popular type for most projects. Blended mulch offers increased performance when compared to paper mulch or straight wood mulches. When applied, it forms a homogeneous and consistent mix which achieves better water absorption than wood or paper mulch.

Blended mulch provides a slow release of moisture back into the soil which in turn helps promote the optimal growing conditions to deliver quick and guaranteed germination. As well as adding moisture to the soil, blended mulch also moderates the temperature of the soil, creating a micro-climate to aid germination.

Blended mulch can also be effective in other ways. When used on slopes up to 1:3 it can provide some limited short term erosion protection.

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