Combination Erosion Control Systems

When surface erosion control is required, combination erosion control systems are an effective and reliable choice.

Turf Reinforcement Matting such as Futerra TRM provides the base of this system. It provides a permanent, lofty and open matrix. This matting is then hydraulically infilled with mulch products to intimately bond the soil and seeds while accelerating growth. A popular solution for this is Flexterra®  HP-FGM. Known as the GreenArmor® System, this erosion control method acts in many ways: it protects against elevated levels of hydraulic lift and shear force while encouraging turf establishment and root reinforcement. This proven method helps to quickly grow dense vegetation in areas where other systems might have failed.

By combining the dimensional stability of Futerra TRM® with the rapid growth establishment capabilities found in Flexterra® HP-FGMTM, this unique solution provides immediate erosion control and speeds growth establishment in a range of applications. This can be used to much success across a variety of projects, from steep slopes and hard to access embankments to earthen dams, spillways, stream banks and more.

  • Reliable, instant and permanent erosion control
  • Lifespan of 100+ years
  • Will not unravel, crush or tear
  • Unparalleled resistance to shear force and flow velocity
  • Almost 100% effective at reducing soil loss
  • Creates a higher density turf
  • Doubles speed of germination

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