Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

As Accredited Installers of Flexterra HP-FGM, Hydoseeding UK can vouch for the quality and efficiency of FGM. FGM’s are the ultimate solution in soil erosion technology and offer complete erosion control capability when compared to both ‘Bonded Fire Matrix’ products and erosion control blankets.

FGM is the ideal choice for erosion control that demands functional longevity. It offers clients the greatest assurance of success, especially when site conditions are extreme and design safety is critical. This product seals off the soil from rainfall impact, as well as mild concentrated flows. FGM’s outperform typical erosion control blankets in rainfall simulation tests and this is among the main reasons it is one of the most popular solutions in the UK.

A combination of Thermally Refined® wood fibres, crimped man-made fibres and performance-enhancing additives combine together to form a lofty, interlocking matrix. This creates air space and water-absorbing cavities that accelerate germination, reduce the impact of raindrop energy and minimize soil loss. This has been proven in independent testing and is one of the primary reasons that HP-FGM remains at the top of the market.

In the next stage of the bonding process, water-resistant tackifiers and flocculants chemically bond the matrix to the soil surface, absorbing water and enabling vegetation to establish. FGM’s have been known to achieve 98% effectiveness in just 2 hours and are proven to be 99% effective once fully cured.

There are countless advantages to this proven method and Hydroseeding UK are always happy to discuss what is most suitable for your needs. We are Accredited Installers for Flexible Growth Mediums and make excellent use of our range of hydroseeding equipment and specially trained personnel.

Benefits of FGM:

  • Superior erosion control — 99% effectiveness proven at all major testing laboratories
  • Immediately effective upon application — bonds directly to the soil
  • Fast turf establishment — grows vegetation eight times faster than bare soil and twice as fast as rolled blankets
  • Lower installation costs and quicker application than rolled blankets
  • Less soil preparation required versus rolled blankets
  • Safe for local wildlife — no nets, threads or staples that would endanger wildlife

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