Pro Matrix Engineered Fibre Matrix (EFM)

Engineered Fibre Matrix (EFM) is an extremely effective erosion control system. Fibres are joined together by mineral and adhesive binders to create a 3-dimensional erosion control blanket which grips to the soil surface. It provides superior, effective performance and long-term results in a site-specific, cost-effective solution.

EFM’s performance is the best on the market and can be applied quickly and efficiently using Hydroseeding UK’s specialist equipment. EFM products are hydraulically applied in the same way that hydroseeding is carried out – this means that the solution requires far less ground preparation and labour than roll out erosion control systems. As well as being much simpler and convenient, especially for potentially treacherous sites, this solution is far more cost-effective.

Once dry, EFM can withstand up to six inches of rain per hour, high winds, and will stay in place until vegetation is established. EFM is environmentally safe. It is non-toxic, contains 100% recycled wood fibres and is 100% biodegradable.

Excellent for:

  • Steep slopes that require Erosion Control Blankets
  • Airports: won’t allow soils to blow prior to germination
  • Golf Course Construction: Putting greens, around sprinkler heads and on the sides of slopes, verges and sand bunkers
  • Stock-piled topsoils: Keeps soil in place for up to one year

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