What Type of Grass Seed Can be Used When Hydroseeding?

Any type of grass seed can usually be applied with hydroseeding machinery, along with wildflower mixes and even oats.

Here are some examples of the most common grass seeds used in the UK.

Slender creeping red fescue

Slender-creeping variations of red fescue are more solidly tufted and are perfect for creating fine and brightly coloured quality lawns. They generally have short, slim, and less hearty creeping rhizomes.

Strong creeping red fescue

This class of seed is predominately used in turf production for binding. It is generally not suited to close mown areas such as golf greens and bowls club lawns. It can sometimes be used around golf tees and fairways as it can have some fantastic regenerative capacity due to its unique rhizomes.

Chewings fescue

This is a thin leaved, tufted grass. It is distinguished from creeping red fescue by its absence of creeping rhizomes. It remains dark green throughout most of the season. This is generally used in the amenity sector for lawn and landscape projects.

Browntop bent

The species of turf is commonly used within seed mixes to improve turf density when grown in temperate regions. It can also be used in fairway oversowing and within golf surrounds. It is native to Eurasia and has been widely introduced in many parts of the world, including the UK.

Dwarf perennial ryegrass

Dwarf ryegrass is a specifically bred strain of perennial ryegrass, selected for its shorter growth habit and its ability to produce low growing tillers and subsequently a thicker sward than standard ryegrass species. This is very commonly used in amenity areas and is very hard wearing whilst still being fairly fine-leaved.

Smooth stalked meadow grass

Smooth stalked meadow grass is frequently found in the wild in both mineral and humus rich soils in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It forms an attractive carpet with good wearing qualities and regenerative ability. The downside is that it can be very slow to establish.

Hard fescue

Hard fescue is a fine fescue and considered a very low-maintenance lawn.  Like the other fine fescues, it is shade and drought tolerant, and overall more heat, drought and disease tolerant.  As a result, it is increasingly commonplace in seed mixes. It is often used for stabilising roadsides and banks.

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