Why is Hydroseeding Green?

You might already be familiar with the process of hydroseeding, but have you wondered why the hydroseeding mix is such a strange green colour?

Basically, hydroseeding mulch is green because it’s been dyed with a biodegradable green dye. The colour then makes it easy to see where the product has or hasn’t been applied, making for an even application.

That’s the basic answer, but you might like to have a little more detail on why hydroseeding mulch is green – so let’s go a bit more in depth.

First of all you need to be aware of exactly what hydroseeding is and why it’s used.

Hydroseeding is a technique that involves mixing the seed with a carrier substance like wood or paper fibres, water, and other substances.

Additionally, as we’ve mentioned, a biodegradable green dye is added. The blend is mixed in a hydroseeding machine and is then ready to be applied to the area that needs seeding.

The shade of green dye in the hydroseeding mix can vary, but the overarching purpose remains the same – to enable easy oversight of where the substance has been applied. This is particularly useful when the area in question is a large one, which is often the case.

The hydroseed mix is specially designed to not only hold the seed in place and prevent run-off (ideal for steep slopes), but to promote quick and healthy growth. Some other advantages of hydroseeding include cost effectiveness, reliability, speed and the ability to cover large areas and ones which might otherwise be inaccessible.

You can see an example of the green hydroseeding mulch being sprayed on a steep embankment here.

The green colour of the hydroseed mulch doesn’t last long thankfully, and can also be cleaned off any other areas that may have been coloured.

So hopefully that clears up the issue of why hydroseeding mulch is green!

If you’d like to read a bit more about hydroseeding in general and find out whether or not it’s the best option for your project, you might like to see some of our recent work here, and view our YouTube channel here.

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