12 Common UK Hydroseeding Questions Answered

We realise that hydroseeding can seem like a complex process if you’re not familiar with this area (and the average person isn’t it!) so here at Hydroseeding UK, we’ve used our expert knowledge and endeavoured to answer some of your most pressing hydroseeding questions, and maybe a few that you didn’t think you’d ask but now realise it’s worth knowing the answer to!


1. Is Hydroseeding Better than regular seeding?

Yes! It will take less time to grow due to the fertiliser in the mulch. The mulch also means that it has a better chance of germinating, and will not be displaced by weather conditions. It can also be far more cost effective, easier to cover larger areas and provide a better aesthetic appearance.


2. Is Hydroseeding better than Turf?

There are pros and cons to both hydroseeding and laying turf. Turf is often the cost-effective choice for small lawns because hydroseeding machines do mean you will incur a larger setup cost. However, you are limited to grass type and risk disease when using turf.

For larger commercial areas or repeat small areas, Hydroseeding is a much more cost-effective way of installing a lawn and the results are far superior when applied professionally.


3. Is Hydroseeding environmentally safe?

Yes! Hydroseeding is by far one of the most environmentally friendly methods of seeding. It is non-toxic, making it perfectly safe for plants, wildlife, pets and children. It helps to conserve water, can promote the growth of native plants/grasses, and can be used to prevent erosion.


4. How often should you water Hydroseed?

After the lawn is first hydroseeded, you must allow the mulch to dry before watering. During the first two weeks, you should water every day (twice a day if possible) to keep the soil moist and speed up germination.


5. Centrifugal vs Gear Pumps?

Centrifugal pumps are better for spraying at long distances and Gear pumps can sometimes handle a little thicker slurry and will pump through longer lengths of hose than centrifugal pumps. More on Hydroseeding pumps can be found here.


6. Can I hydroseed over existing lawn?

Hydroseed can be used to overseed an existing lawn as well as new planting. If you wish to overseed, you must cut the grass short and then spray the hydroseed mulch over the top.


7. When can you mow after hydroseeding?

It largely depends on the weather conditions, as seeds may take anywhere between 7 – 21 days to germinate. You can normally mow for the first time about 4 – 6 weeks after seeding.


8. What is the best time of year for hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding in the spring or autumn normally requires less water than the summer months, however the warmer climate of the summer months will aid germination. You can really hydroseed anytime outside of the winter months as extreme cold can present an unnecessary set of challenges.


9. Why is there green colouring in hydroseed?

Hydroseed contains an environmentally safe green colourant to show where the mixture has been applied. It is non-harmful and will fade quickly.


10. Can I walk on a hydroseeded lawn?

Yes, you can walk on a hydroseeded lawn while it is being watered in the first two weeks, although we advise that you take care not to disturb the surface to avoid patchy growth.


11. Does the mix bond directly to the soil?


Products such as Flexterra are immediately effective upon application and bonds directly to soil. This means less soil preparation required versus rolled blankets


12. Who is the leading Hydroseeding contractor in the UK?

Oliver Brown Ltd are market leading hydroseeding specialists in the UK.

They use state of the art equipment, materials and technical knowledge to provide the best solution for their clients.

I hope this has helped answered some of your questions. Please contact us if you have anymore via the contact form.

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